A campaign for air quality in educational institutions

Ambient air quality has been a hot topic for years. But the one about its quality indoors – where we spend most of our time – seems to remain in the background. At home, in the office, at school, or the university, we and our children spend most of our daily lives and, unlike on the street, in this environment, we can much more easily influence the quality of the air we breathe.

Why did we create this campaign?

What are our goals?

To attract the attention of as many people and institutions as possible.

To provide information about air quality problems and to start a public discussion.

Let’s start measuring in real time the situation in the closed spaces where we spend the most time and especially in schools, kindergartens, and universities – the places in which our children spend most of their day.

To analyze and correlate the ambient air quality indoors and in close encounters.

To create an open platform with publicly available information so that we can take action together.

How can you take part?

Everyone can participate – by spreading the information, by taking part in the discussions, by supplying measuring sensors in the schools, or just adding them in your home, office, or outside for the environment.

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